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The innovative edge of the IuT Group is based on the continuous, practice-driven research efforts undertaken by Reinhard Göschl. It is only due to this work that demanding and highly specific customer requirements can be met. The solutions developed are embodied in patents, which have been registered internationally since 1987.

TB-GÖSCHL GmbH holds world-wide patents for:

  • SMELL-WELL SYSTEM for the creation of aerobic conditions in landfills
  • BASEP, a ballistic separator for quality waste separation
  • MATE, a ballistic separator for separating materials
  • ROTTE-FILTER process, an effective ventilation technology for composting
  • RFK composting systems, a simple process for recycling organic waste
  • BMD process, waste treatment tailored to specific materials
  • ADOS, anaerobic digestion of organic slurry*

*jointly with IuT Global Pte ltd. Singapore

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