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The IuT Group is a group of companies that is dedicated to the solution of waste management problems. In pursuing their business on a global scale, the companies are guided by the objectives of controlled growth and a focus on proprietary technologies. “Keeping what we promise” is the guiding principle and philosophy of the Group, which offers, builds and operates waste management projects in an international environment.

The Group’s core entity is IUT GmbH based in Seebenstein, Austria. IUT GmbH designs and constructs all of the Group’s projects, provides the required expertise and management resources, carries out after-sales service and attends to the operation of facilities.   


IUT GmbH also holds an interest in Emirates Environmental Technology Co.Llc. in Sharjah/AE. EET builds and operates large-scale waste management projects including, at present, the remediation of the 6.4 million m³ disused landfill site of Sharjah, operation of the new landfill, the construction and demolition waste treatment plant, and the addition to the Sharjah landfill.

EET focuses on the Arab region and works closely with IuT GmbH in Seebenstein.


IuT Czech spol.s r.o. based in Zlin is a wholly owned subsidiary of IUT GmbH Seebenstein. The two companies are electronically linked, which enables IUT Cz engineers to take an active part in all design work for IUT GmbH projects. IuT Cz is responsible in particular for the Group’s landfill technology and boasts profound expertise in the areas of landfill construction and landfill gas. At the same time, IuT Cz serves as holding company for operating projects in the Czech Republic.  


Bioservis Benesov spol.s r.o. is the first example of a successful partnership between the municipality of Benesov and the IuT Group.   

EET has purchased a 36% stake in ZERO WASTE HOLDING Inc. in Bahrain. This makes EET the largest ZERO WASTE shareholder. Other shareholders include local investors who are members of Bahrain’s royal family.

With subsidiaries in Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Bahrain, ZERO WASTE brings attractive waste management projects to the IuT Group.


Since 2011 the company IUT INOVATIE & TEHNICA SRL in Romania belongs to the IuT Group and is a 100% subsidiary of Innovation und Technik GmbH. In Bucharest IuT Romania will operate the planned 300 t / d MSW sorting plant for solid waste and the attached fermentation plant to produce 1.2 MW of renewable energy for environmentally friendly power generation.

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