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Emirates Environmental Technology Co.Llc. (EET) based in Sharjah, AE is The IuT Group’s partner for waste management solutions in the Arab region. EET is a local company 51% owned by Sheikh Mohammed Saud Sultan Al Qasimi and 49% by TB-Göschl GmbH, Austria, which contributes the expertise.

EET is an established company in the Arab market and can boast big success. EET operated the world-wide largest reclamation project in Sharjah from January 2005 to April 2010. Within 64 months an area of 1.9 million m² and 7.5 million m³ of landfill volume has been aerated, excavated, sorted and partially refilled.

EET is also responsible for the extension of cell 1A of the Sajja landfill. Cell 1A has been designed and constructed to European standards and is the first of its kind in the AE. It has the capacity to take up 1.3 million cubic metres of waste.

A CDW (construction and demolition waste) plant which has been planned and built by EET in cooperation with IuT GmbH also belongs to this Waste Management Center.

EET it operating a sorting plant in the oasis city Al Ain, located in the emirate Abu Dhabi, which recycles 1.200 tons household waste per day. This plant was erected by the IuT Group. Operation of the old composting plant has also been taken over and integrated into the facility concept.


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